Khan Sir Patna Gk Trick 2021

Important Trick…GK Trick By Khan Sir Patna 2021 .✍ विभिन्न राज्यो के प्रमुख लोक् नृत्य याद करने की ट्रिक • करेले कि कथा = केरल = कथकली• पंजे में भांग डालो = पंजाब = भांगड़ा• राजा तुम घुमो = राजस्थान = घूमर• असम कि बहु = असम = बिहू• अरुण क मुखोटा = अरुणाचल = … Read more

Five ways to buy cheap books in India?

Do you want to buy books at a lower price than you already do? Maybe you are short of money, or perhaps you are just a miser like me who doesn’t want to spend too much money but still wanna read many books and own many books then this article is for you. Guys, I’m … Read more