Board Toppers कैसे बने? 6 Secrets Tips of a Topper?

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In this article, I am going to tell you about ( How to score good marks in Boards?) a topper recipe for success, and Many 12th studying students want to score a significant mark in their Upcoming examination 2023. 

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Still, they cannot achieve their goal ( How to score good marks in boards class 10) , but if you follow some specific important rule of study, you can get a good grade in your exams. So friends, Let’s know about a 12th topper routine and their secrets tips.

#1 – Believe in hard work and not smart work

Many people might be telling you to go through the last ten years’ paper and appear in the exam. It will help you pass one exam, one semester, one term, maybe one year. 

Still, if you want to grow for yourself, you need to imbibe whatever you have learned in the previous class and take it with you in the next class and then call it, and then you will not work.

Whatever I have learned in my school in my college, I’m going to apply all that you might not realize at my job, but it certainly helps you in a certain way, so that is why always stick with the hard work as long as you have time. 

Only in extreme and uncontrollable circumstances when you could not study because of some severe reason then only go for shortcuts like just going through the last ten years paper second is time management.

#2 – Time management

A lot of people struggle with time management so nowadays if you see the routine of any student and so was mine in class eleventh and twelfth I used to be in school till two o clock then I would straightaway head for my coaching for two subjects that would make it last till 6-7 pm.

I would be back then. I’ll sleep for an hour. I get up around 8:30 and then Ido my homework, which used to be a lot at school, and then I go to sleep because we’re going to have to get up in the morning for my school, but I made sure that.

If I am doing my homework from 8:30 to 11:00, whatever I am doing, I treat it very seriously because homework is like a practice for my exams.

Many people make this mistake that they do their homework by, let’s say, watching television or using a mobile phone since I never used to get time on the weekday to self-study.

This was my trick. I used to treat my homework very seriously would write the answer and reread it in my mind so that it registers. Over the weekends, I used to go through whatever I have studied the entire week and then the next week for the two weeks and then in the third week for the three weeks whatever I have done.

#3 – Have a personal mission statement

So a mission statement is like what you want to become at the end of a term or a semester, so I always used to say that I want to come first to class and not just secure a rank in class and then with this mission second my mind I used to channelize all my efforts towards this mission.

I would start by making term-wise goals, which would convert to monthly goals, then weekly, and then to daily goals within the day itself. Also, I will make my hourly goals, for example.

I have three hours to study today, so in, let’s say, 1.5 hours, I will study maths and then the other one point five I will study a lighter subject.

Which is, let’s say, English or moral science or environment studies. So that my mind is entirely not occupied and I’m not tired of studying maths. I’m also able to have a change of mood by studying a lighter subject. In this way, I can divide my full attention into two subjects and similarly.

The next day I pick up and the two subjects or the chapter that remains to be completed the previous day. I’ll complete that. 

Always keep in mind that the quality of study is more important than the quantity of hours of study.

So if you are taking one chapter, ensure that you complete it and then move on to the next chapter or next subject if you have a shortage of time, for example.

If the exams are around the corner, you need to study two-three subjects simultaneously and make sure that when you sit down, you complete the chapter that day itself and then move on to the next fourth stay away from the distractions.

#4 – Stay away from the distractions

So I bought my first mobile when I entered college. Hence, I would say it from this particular distraction, but if I got others, I made sure that I knew I was self-aware that these are the distractions in my life and I will have time to enjoy everything in my life.

Once I get some excellent marks, so self-control is very important. It is alright to take a break for a game or use some internet or social media.

As long as your goal for that day gets completed, make sure you are setting some challenging goals for yourself, and as long as they are getting complete, it is magnificent to give way to some distractions, and the last one is special handling.

#5 – Pressure management, Be your own competitor

I know many people succumb to pressure and can’t perform well in exams even if you are an excellent student. 

Everybody faces some sort of pressure whether it is coming from the family or relatives or distant relatives for that matter and the teachers of course. 

Understand first that these people are your well-wishers, but their voices should not get to your head. 

So keep calm and keep focused on your studies. Don’t be bothered that a particular person you hate is topping the class or has secured an abetter rank than your competitor.

I would compare my performance to my previous performance and map my growth, and that would give me lots of positive energy to move ahead and focus on my studies.

So don’t be bothered. Everybody has a different timeline. You have your track to success, and make sure that there is no falling behind and you’re only moving forward.

So do not succumb to any sort of pressure so let’s do one thing. This used to be an exercise I used to follow at the beginning of every new term. 

#6 – SWOT analysis of yourself

Do a SWOT analysis of yourself. SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats.

This exercise will make you more self-aware about yourself strength can be the healthy subjects and subjects you score well quickly. 

Weaknesses are the subjects in which you score fewer marks or which you find tough to study. 

Opportunities can be a holiday in the upcoming week, 0 periods of your class, or it can be any workshop or test, and in your tuition and threats can be anything that makes you distracted from the studies.

So threats can be your mobile phone, social media or Netflix, or whatever keeps you from studying.

So do a SWOT analysis of yourself and then accordingly make a personal mission statement.

Depending on your strong and weak subjects, you need to divide your time so that the weak subjects are given more importance than the healthy subjects. Whenever you feel that you are too tired of studying the subjects in which you are terrified, you can then move ahead with the lighter subjects, which are your strengths.

I hope this exercise will help you in figuring out how you can move ahead with your time.

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So that is it for this article. I was initially very uncomfortable talking like this about myself because that is not my nature, but just if this helps you in any way, please let me know, and you are free to send me queries in the comment section on my Website. 

Thank You For Reading This Article and if have any suggestion for us, Kindly comment Below.

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