These 5 Movies will help you to Speak English?

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Can I say you one of the easiest methods I have ever tried in learning English by watching movies that are considered an easy process because you can enjoy yourself.

So whenever you have free time you go in front of the TV, and you start watching The movies mentioned in this article to improve your English Speaking Skill?

Why can’t you use that free time in learning English just by watching movies and in today’s article I’m going to tell you the five movies top 5 films that have helped me learn English. 

I’m sure that will help you also hello there WhatsApp people it’s me. I am you watching me on the expound and at the end of the article.

I will give you the best bonus step where you can learn English faster by watching movies 5th place comes the movie called. 

The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games was released in 2012, and I must say that this is a science fiction movie, but this is one of my favourite adventurous films because this is made from the book called Hunger games.

An English author-written of this again in the movies, but I would first request you to read the book and then start watching.

When you start reading the book first before watching the movie anyway, you will create some of the Other imagination in your mind that ok.

The story is like this, so you will keep imagining things in your mind and reading the book.

When you see that in the movies that will be the best experience because reading the book even though you don’t understand the concept.

If you watch the movie after reading the book, you will understand it, and that is going to be the best experience ever and the actress actor they are so brilliant in this movie, which is why.

Why I totally love this movie, and I watch it again and again, I will never get bored.

So I have just got so many words and vocabulary which is used in the movie it’s just stuck in my mind, and I would request you to watch this will help you in learning English now.

 I want you to write down one of the favourite adventurous movies you have ever seen write a down on the comment, and if you have no idea about how to start learning English by watching movies, then I have made article.

I have told about several steps in detail where you can start learning English by using these steps please to check it out I’m sure this will help me and IV movie, Which I would request you to watch.

The Babadook

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This was released in 2014 if you are a horror fan if you like watching movies that are so scary and if you want to learn English if you haven’t watched this movie, you definitely wasted your time till now.

I will definitely request you to watch this movie because it is about a mother and a young son where they find some mystery book.

Some of the ghost books are about the ghost in the movie who is the Babadook so the message given in the film is so powerful that you should anyhow beat the Demons out of your life and overcome all the difficult situation out of it.

So the messages are given so unlike another South Indian horror movie sorry Indian horror movies.

Most horror movies will be funny, or some of the good and beautiful actresses will come, and she will give the pose. 

The Wizard of Oz

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So there is nothing like that nonsense in this movie this is a must-watch for you, and the third movie is the wizard of oz 1939 this is an old movie.

But if you haven’t watched this, I think you might have played the game Temple Run.

The wizard of oz because this is one of the famous and one of the iconic movie around the globe.

So this is an old movie, and this is not for matured people, but if you want to learn English, this is a definite watch for you when this movie comes in any of the channels.

I will not change the channel. I will keep watching this movie till the end because this will give the movie will provide you with and imagination.

It will make your imagination bigger to achieve your dream, so this is not for the matured people.

Who is expecting some action for some severe thing in it for the child around 1940 to 1950? 

I think this will be there a memorable movie of all time and the songs present in this movie that will also take you to another world of imagination. , so please don’t watch it if you want to learn English 

The Queen

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Next movie’s name is the queen released in 2006, and you might have heard about Princess Diana’s death.

This movie is all about how the royal family manages all that struggle in that problematic situation in that time of Princess Diana’s death. In this movie, there is a British accent, a kind of Porsche accent.

 You might find it challenging to understand it, but it’s all about how Queen Elizabeth II manages all that struggle is Managing all that situation. When I was watching this movie, I did not find that I was watching a real movie.

I was watching the movie with the real incident, but I just felt like it was a fictional movie but am the middle you might feel like it is overdramatic. It isn’t very interesting, but this is a must-watch when you hear the accent are the words which are spoken by the royal family.

The King’s Speech

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I think that is all you need when you want to start in English in the first movie is The King’s Speech. This was released in 2010.

I am keeping this movie in the first place because this is a must-watch movie for those people.

who wants to build their public speaking skills or who wants to make their communication or be confident while communicating with people’s

So this movie is basically about England’s King George, so he usually has the problem of stuttering in and not be able to talk fluently and confidently in front of the audience.

 so what he does is that people are arranging some of the speech therapist or speech coach for the king so that he will be able to deliver a speech confidently in front of people

so this is the primary necessary thing which every king should have right that he should be able to convey the message confidently by talking to the people this is the basic thing about this movie, 

so this movie is not for everybody, but if you want to improve your communication skills and talk confidently then this is a must-watch for you, and apart from this there are so many lessons

which is taught in this movie that whenever you want to achieve something you have to come out of the comfort zone and try hard, and there are so many motivating and inspiring lessons 

which you can learn from this movie, so this is all I want to tell you about the film now coming to the bonus step so now what you have to do is that this5 movies 

I have told you to watch this movie again and again and again approximately15 to 20 times. 

You have to watch this movie repeatedly, and it might be difficult, and it might be so damn boring to watch this movie again and again, but that is the only way that you can start learning quickly and start speaking faster also.

So when you are watching it for the 10th of the 50th time, you will be able to know the story, and you will be even able to understand the dialogues that the people said.

so when you can say that or talk that correctly then you have mastered it

So, these are the things which I want to tell you if this is helpful, please tell me in the comment how this article is thank you so much if you share this article.

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