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Many students are searching in Search Engine About Top-rated/Popular online study app, As we know, the country and the whole world have been affected by the Corona period. And the most affected sectors in this are education.

The Internet has also become the means of education in this modern era. Now all the questions would be that how is online education done? How to study online? Etc. | If you want to study online, then you can easily do it by downloading the online study app on your mobile or from the Internet on your computer.

There are many online education apps online, which you can download and study online on your mobile. But how do we choose the best App out of so many online study apps? Now we are going to tell you such best online education apps from which you can study from home.


E-Pathshala is one of the best online learning apps from NCERT, which can help your children to study. The Electronics and IT Department of the Union Minister of Law and Justice has awarded the Digital India Award-2019 to NCERT’s e-Pathshala App under the Best Mobile App category, 2019. Through this mobile App, one can download books from class 1 to class 12.

The online learning app downloads you quickly on the App Store or the Internet can go | In this App, you have been provided books in both Hindi and English languages.

Umang App

Umang App is also one of the online education apps whose full name is (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance). There are more than crores of audio files, e-books, and videos for school-going children by downloading the Umang online education app created by the Government of India, through which students can also do their studies. With the help of this App, very good content can be found for the children of primary and secondary.

Byju ‘s ( BYJU’s App)

BYJU’s App is one of the popular online learning apps among online learning apps. You can easily download BYJU’s online study app from your mobile app store or by searching on it.

By downloading this, you can choose your course. Students across the country can use this App to study from class 1st to 12th and for competitive exams like CAT, IAS, GMAT, and GRE.


Unacademy App is a top-rated app among online learning or online learning apps. The popularity of this App increased even more in Lockdown. On this App, you have expressed the study material of many competitive exams and courses like Bank Exams, UPSC, IIT, CAT, etc. There are many such courses on this App that you can get free of any fee.

Hangout meat

Hangout Meet is a video conferencing app created by Google. Through this, students and teachers are their studies by connecting among themselves through online video calling or conferencing. This is a free app that you can easily find online. You can also use Hangout Meet on both mobile and desktop.


Youtube is also an online product of Google, which gives us the opportunity to get an education along with entertainment through video. In today’s time on YouTube, the answer to almost all the questions is available in the form of video.

There are many such channels on YouTube, from which we can easily get school, college, government job study material or any type of competition preparation notes, etc., sitting at home. You can use YouTube through apps on mobile and also on a computer without any charge.


Online learning apps Udemy is an online learning marketplace. This App provides you both free and paid study material. It provides you more than 100000+ online courses. If you have started a new online learning and you are new to this App, then you can do a new thing and do it in a better way by using its free course.


Hashlearn is a video learning app. If you are looking for an app that can provide you exam preparation and study material, then this App is a very good app. This App provides you 24×7 answers to all your queries.

Experienced teachers on this App help you prepare for exams like JEE Exam, NEET Exam, SRMEE, JIPMER, SSC, CGL, VITEEE, AFMC, etc.

If the question comes to your mind that how to study online, then you must have come to know that the above given online study apps are the best apps through which you can study easily. Apart from these, there are more apps available for online studies, with the help of which you can study online from home. I hope that the above information will be of great help to you in your studies.

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