Easiest Way to Install LDPlayer 4 Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop?

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In this article, we are going to learn How to Install LDPlayer 4 Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop.

Using your Favourite App on mobile phones is not so comfortable because of the small screen size. In this situation, an Emulator can be very useful, which allows us to run the android games and apps on PC very easily.

There are many emulators available on the internet these days. 

What is LDP Player And Install LDPlayer 4 Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop?

LDPlayer is an Android Emulator for PC, which allows us to use android apps on our PC. It is a free emulator available on the internet.

The main features of LDPlayer are :

•It is freely available on the internet.

•It is safe for personal use.

•It is fast than other emulators

•It gives a good experience while gaming.

•It does not drain the battery.

•Multitasking is possible. That means you can run multiple windows simultaneously at the same time.

Following are the minimum system requirements for running the LDPlayer 4 Android Emulator for better performance.

 ·CPU: Intel i5 7500

 ·RAM: 8GB

 ·Disk Space: 100GB

 ·Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti


These are the following steps to download and install the LDPlayer 4 Android Simulator on your PC/Laptop.

Step-1 Open chrome browser.

Step-2 Search “LDPlayer 4

Step-3 Click on the first link which is shown on the screen by your browser.You can directly go to the following link to skip these steps

How to Install Ld Player on Your Pc Or Windows?

LDPlayer Officail Website

Now you will see a “Download LDPlayer” button on your screen.

Step-4 Click on the “Download LDPlayer” button.

Download Ld Player

Download will start .In few minutes the executable file will be donloaded on your PC.


Step-1 Click and Open the downloaded file of LDPlayer.

It may ask for some permission which you need to allow.

Step-2 After granting permission click on the install button and the installation will be started.

In few minutes the LDPlayer will be installed on your PC and now you can easily run it.

Step-3 After installation click on the ” start button “. LDPlayer will be open in just few seconds.

Now you will see two options here :

(i) System Apps.

(ii)LD Store

Step-5 Click on LDStore.

Step-6 Now you will be asked to sign in into your Google Play Account.

Step-7 Sign in into your Google Account using your Email and Password.

Step-8 Now download and install any android app on your PC using LD Store and easily use them.


LD Store is the default Game store of LDPLAYER 4 ANDROID EMULATOR just like the Google Play Store.

If you download the application from LD Store they will work more smoothly and efficiently on the emulator. It makes the download process simpler and easier.

If the app you want to use is not available in LD Store then you will have to download the .apk file of the app on your PC.

After downloading the APK file just simply drag and drop the APK file into the LDPlayer window.It will start installing the app automatically.

How To Install Anroid App in LDPlayer from Playstore?

To install Android App from playstore in Ldplayer 4, first you have to open your Play Store, after that you have to link your Google Account.

After linking Google account, now you can install any app from Play Store.

To install Android App from Play Store, type the name of your App in Play Store and search for it. Now your app will be visible on your screen. Now click on Install button To Install The that app.


By following these steps you can download the APK file of any application on your PC if the Android App is not available on Play Store.

Step-1 Open chrome browser and search Google Play Store.

Step-2 Search for the app in Play Store that you want to download.

Step-3 Copy the link of the App from Play Store.

Step-4 Now open new tab on the browser. In the left corner you will see “apps” option click on that.

Step-5 Now click on web store option.

Step-6 Now search for”direct apk downloader“.

Step-7 click on “Add to Chrome“.

STEP-8 Open the APK downloader from the right corner of browser in new tab.

Step-9 Paste the link of the application copied previously.And click on “Generate download link”.

Step-9 Now you will see the “Download APK” button. Click on that.

The APK file will be downloaded on your PC in few minutes.

Alternative way to download Apk file from Play Store in LDplayer 4?

This method to download apk file from play store is very simple but sometimes it is not working properly. So let’s know?

Step-1 First of all, click on the link given below and open the Apk Downloader website

Apk Downloader website

Step-2 After opening the website, now open Play Store and search for the name of your app.

Step-3 Copy App Link from Play Store and Paste it in Apk Downloader Website. Now Click On ” Search Icon

Step-4 Now click on “Download Apk File” After Clicking On Download Apk File, You Have To Wait For Some Time.

Step-5 Click on “Start Download” button to download the Apk file. It will automatically start downloading to your PC


Step-1 Open LDMultiplayer.

Step-2 Click on Settings.

Step-3 Check the resolutions configuration according to the need of app. Change the settings where needed.

Step-4 Apply the changes.

The app will start working.

So,in this article we talked about HOW TO INSTALL LDPLAYER 4 ANDROID EMULATOR on your PC. If you have any kind of problem then comment box is given below for you. you can tell your problem

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