5 Best Forex Trading Books for Beginners 2022 | Must Read Beginners

In this article, I’m going to break down the top five, Forex trading books that you absolutely must-read ( Best Forex trading books for beginners 2021). Plus, I’m going to show you my number one, Forex trading book that I bet you you’ve never, ever heard of. 

We’re going to break it down from number five all the way down to number one. And if you do read these books, the chances of you becoming a successful forex trader increases dramatically. 

And if you don’t read these books, then the chances of you failing increases dramatically. Hey, If you’d like to make your trading easy, lucrative, and fun, then go ahead and click the subscribe and turn on post notifications button here so we can help make your trading more comfortable, more lucrative, and more fun. Okay. In this article, we’re going to breakdown the top five, Forex trading books. 

We’re going to break it down from number five all the way down to number one. My favorite Forex trading book that I bet you’ve probably never heard of. 

He interviewed some of the top, most successful traders all in the world. And he gathered all the bits and pieces that he learned from all these different traders. And it’s almost set up like an interview series where he’s interviewed all of these best traders. 

So that way, you can simply pick the ideas and pick the minds of the best Forex traders and the best stock traders, and the best future traders of all times. And you can just take and combine all their stuff and use it for yourself. 

#5 – Market wizards

So that’s number five, that’s market wizards. Number four, coming on at Number four is a book called trading in the zone. Maybe you’ve heard of it. 

It’s by a gentleman named Mark Douglas. And this book was a huge aha moment for me. It taught me a lot about when I was first getting started about trading psychology, as well, as he talks a lot about, instead of needing to know what actually gonna happen in the future in the market. 

He says you don’t actually need to know because the market is completely random. And the best part about this that I learned is how to actually trade like a casino or how to trade like a robot and how to think in terms of probabilities, and how to let go of my emotions when trading completely. 

#4 – Trading in the zone

So that’s number four, that’s trading in the zone by Mark Douglas, number three, number three, number three. 

I love this little book. It’s called the candlestick trading Bible. It’s by this Japanese guy, I believe. Well, the book is written about this Japanese guy named Munehisa Homma, who was supposedly the most successful trader of all time. And supposedly, he made like $10billion in what would be today’s money. 

And he’s known as the godfather of candlesticks. If you’re not that far in your Forex journey where you haven’t mastered Japanese candlesticks, it’s a huge advantage. Understanding Japanese candlesticks, obviously. 

And they break this down in the book really, really simply the reason I love this book, it’s short, it’s very easy to read and they breakdown with the most important things, which is Japanese candlesticks. They break down all these different patterns, how you should trade them, and they give you a couple of really awesome strategies at the end of the book that you can incorporate. 

#3 – Candlestick Trading Bible

So that’s number three, that’s the candlestick trading Bible. And number two, number two. Number two is a book I totally love. It’s called naked Forex

It’s by this Australian gentleman named Walter Peters. I believe he’s a Ph.D. and this book is different because he throws it in the trash. Everything else that you know, most retail traders are taught about using technical indicators. 

And he says that indicators don’t give you any indication of what’s going to happen in the future with the price. They’re all lagging. They’re just like a wristwatch that telling you what’s happening with time. 

An indicator is telling you what’s happening with a price. But in the past, instead of using indicators, he talks about using something called price action trading, where he teaches you how actually to read a chart and how to read what’s actually happening in the market.

Like what formations are being formed. And what’s likely to happen based on the figures, which are based on the psychology of the overall market, is interesting. So I love this book. 

#2 -Naked Forex

It’s easy to read. It’s simple. It’s called naked Forex by WalterPeters. Okay. Number one, number one, number one. I know you guys have all been waiting for number one. 

My favorite book ever is called edge trading secrets. Okay. You may think I’m biased since we wrote this book, but it Wasn’t written by me. 

And by the way, you can download this book for free at the link in the description below. And let me tell you why this is my favorite book. Well, the reason being is because I had read all these previous books, number five, all the way down to number two, I’d read all those books, but I was still struggling to find my edge in my Forex trading. 

Even though I had read all these different books and thought that I was applying and it wasn’t until I met this gentleman, I was a real professional forex bank trader, and I got to meet him and become friends with him. And I got to learn the way that he thought. 

And when I first met him, he said, Adam, why don’t you just read my book? And so he gave me a copy of his book. And at the time, it was only on a pdf version, and I read it, and I had so many have and Epiphanes that I’d never heard of before. And he basically taught me the unspoken laws of a Forex bank trader and how you could leave the herd and join the smart money.

This was my favorite book simply because of the epiphany and had. And so we basically decided to partner with him and bring it to life a little bit and edit the book. 

It was kind of like an old textbook in a sense, but this book is excellent for you.

 #1 – Edge Trading secrets

If you’ve had the basics training, if you’ve at least been trading for six months and have a basic understanding, but you’re still looking for your edge, and this book is the answer. It’s called edge trading secrets.

It’s absolutely amazing. You can go ahead, and you can download it at the link is the below. Now, I guess that if you’re reading this article, you’re trying to become a better Forex trader. 


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