Khan Sir Patna Gk Trick 2021

Important Trick…GK Trick By Khan Sir Patna 2021 .✍ विभिन्न राज्यो के प्रमुख लोक् नृत्य याद करने की ट्रिक • करेले कि कथा = केरल = कथकली• पंजे में भांग डालो = पंजाब = भांगड़ा• राजा तुम घुमो = राजस्थान = घूमर• असम कि बहु = असम = बिहू• अरुण क मुखोटा = अरुणाचल = … Read more

Khan Sir Patna Official app download 2021

Khan Sir Patna Official app download 2021 : Hello Friends, How to download Khan Sir Official Apk in our android device from Play store. Many Students are searching in search engine about Official App by Khan Sir Patna. To download Khan Sir Official App of Khan Sir Patna, first of all you must have android … Read more

Top Rated App For Students | Study Online 2021

Many students are searching in Search Engine About Top-rated/Popular online study app, As we know, the country and the whole world have been affected by the Corona period. And the most affected sectors in this are education. The Internet has also become the means of education in this modern era. Now all the questions would … Read more

How to Use Khan Sir Official APP In Laptop Or PC?

Khan sir Official App For PC

क्या आप भी खोज रहे हो की Khan Sir का App ” Khan Sir Offcial ” को अपने Laptop और PC में कैसे Use करे। बहुत से Students ने Khan sir app for pc or windows के लिए Demand किया था। इसलिए आज हम इस article में जानेगे की khan Sir official Apk को अपने … Read more